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Investment Advisor

1–3 Year Government/Corporate
Investment Goal: Income & Capital Preservation

1–5 Year Government/Corporate
Investment Goal: Income & Capital Preservation

Intermediate Aggregate
Investment Goal: Broad Market Exposure, 10 Years & Shorter

Intermediate Defensive
Investment Goal: Corporate Focus, 10 Years & Shorter

Core Broad (Aggregate)
Investment Goal: Broad Market Exposure, Total Yield Curve

Core ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance)
Investment Goal: Targeted ESG Broad Market Portfolio

Core Government/Corporate
Investment Goal: Corporate Focus, Total Yield Curve

Liability Driven Investments
Investment Goal: Asset Liability Matching 

Sector Specific Products

1–10 Year TIPS
Investment Goal: TIPS Only Exposure (Passive)

Corporate Only
Investment Goal: Corporate Only Exposure

Customized Benchmarks
Investment Goal: Client Specific Sector &
Benchmark Blends

Impact Investing

Richmond Capital Management also serves as the sub-adviser for two commingled funds:

  • ProLoan Bond Fund
  • LongView ESG Core Bond Fund
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