Richmond Capital Management's origin dates back to 1982 as a subsidiary of the Continental Group called Continental Advisors. We began as a fixed-income manager, investing assets of Life Insurance Company of Virginia, which was also a part of the holding company. Over time, Continental Investment Advisors began to take on external fixed-income clients, such as municipal pension plans.

In 1987, the principals of Continental Investment Advisors purchased the bond management firm from AON Corporation (which had acquired Continental Group) and the name was then changed to Richmond Capital Management.



Our firm is 100% owned by 13 active investment, client service and operations professionals. Decades ago leadership took the firm private, believing they could closely align their interests with those of clients by becoming independent. Our growth and success since that time are a direct result of that decision.

Richmond Capital Management's employees have a broad diversity of investment backgrounds, from banking to brokerage to insurance. This diversity helps them to understand the specific, individual needs of a variety of clients. All of our portfolio managers and research analysts are specialists in fixed income investing, with an average of over 23 years of industry experience. 

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